Sumarin, The Senior
I'm 18.
I'm graduating in May.
I'm about to enter the world as an Adult.
It's a Bad day. Not a Bad Life.

Since Tumblr Consumed my life…

And my mind has become a disjointed and emotional mess, making it difficult to do this project about my four-years of High School. I sat here trying to put together a power point that would embody everything I wanted to say about my life in the past years and I thought, “Damn.  Can’t I explain this with a Gif or an Emotional-Text Picture? This would be so much easier if it were Tumblr.” Light Bulb!

I’ve decided to construct a Tumblr Page dedicated to my high school years called, “Sumarin the Senior”Best idea I’ve had in a while. It will encompass all the emotional and learning obstacles I’ve had to overcome to be the person I am today!